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Customized Training Program

Due to quality assurance, spaces are limited. Please submit an application form for review.

*NOT suitable for beginners. Training days will be between 2-5 days depending on outcome of assessment, phase and client training age.

1- In depth lifestyle, nutrition and training assessment via Google forms for your convenience.

2- Goal setting and management.

3- Fully customized training programs that can be progressed and are aimed at your goals. Program only changes after 4 weeks as it is a progressive program.

4- Delivery of program is through a mobile app for your convenience.

5- Exercise demonstrations for every exercise.

6- Monitoring of your strength progress via the app while you track your weights used.

7- If requested, an exercise analysis can be sent for review.

8- Lifestyle modification guidelines.

9- Full access to text support from Sun-Thurs between 10am-6pm. Every client has access to contact me to help, explain or improve their training and all questions are encouraged.

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