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Customized Nutrition Program

Due to quality assurance, spaces are limited. Please submit an application form for review.

Please Note: This does not include meal plans that tell you what to eat and at what time etc

1- In depth lifestyle, nutrition and training assessment via Google forms for your convenience.

2- Calorie and macro setting.

3- Calorie breakdown per meal. 

4- Recommended protein, carb and fat sources.

5- Initial sign up includes a free guide to nutrition to help create awareness of food.

6- Free recipe book each month with 30 recipes and barcodes on each recipe that can be scanned straight into My Fitness Pal for easy tracking.

7- Optional restaurant survival guide that lists the menu and calories. 

8- 12 restaurants from Talabat and Carriage that list their calories and macros. This makes it easier to select an appropriate meal based on how many calories you need for that meal if ordering out.

9- Weekly or Bi-Weekly check ins to update. This is to ensure we are on the right track and can rectify anything that needs changing.

10- Pictures of meals can be sent via Whatsapp to monitor food choices and create awareness of food intake/quality.

This can be used by anyone looking to lose fat, gain muscle, manage metabolic syndrome or improve performance.

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