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Summer Slimming Challenge: Home Edition

Summer Slimming Challenge: Home Edition


The Summer Slimming Challenge is a progressive 4 week training program that can be done at home with minimal equipment. It is designed to help women achieve their ideal beach body in time for beach season. The program progresses you by increasing the work you do each week while using exercises that target the glutes, waistline and other muscle groups to help develop an hourglass figure. Once the 4 weeks are complete you can increase the weight slightly and run the program again for up to 12 weeks to keep getting results.


What you need:

1) A pair of dumbbells or kettlebells (3-5kg for upper body, 5-10kg for lower body)

2) An aerobic stepper or something of similar height.

3) A workout bench or something of similar height like a chair, ledge etc.


What you get in the program:

1) 3 weight training days, 2 cardio and core days that progresses each week.

2) A file that has exercise demonstrations for each day.

3) Recipe book with 30 recipes that include their calories and macros.

4) Recipe book with 30 different smoothies that include their calories and macros.

4) Daily step goals to keep activity up.

5) A simple method to calculate your daily calories.

6) My advice for what calories to aim for each week.

7) Simple guidelines for nutrition.

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