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About Juan-Pierre Pieri

How I Changed My Life Permanently

My whole life I was overweight and in my teens, this is where it really started causing harm. At age 16 I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and pre diabetic status. At age 22 I became very ill due to my liver becoming fatty and enlarged. I studied Personal Training as I had little success with dietitians so I thought I'd learn how to lose weight myself. Fast forward two years and i lost 36 Kg's and reversed all my medical complications. Since then I have spent the last 8 years helping others do the same while constantly seeking to improve my knowledge to help many people with different backgrounds, goals and health issues. I've come to learn that as a coach, my main role is to educate, solve problems and help implement strategies that accommodate your lifestyle in order for you to be able to sustain these strategies long term.

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